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Why Using an ASHI Inspector Matters

  1. ASHI inspectors are required to complete continuing education. South Carolina does NOT require home inspectors to undergo continuing education. This means your inspector is likely not taking the extra time to learn about issues and codes that they are not already familiar with.
  2. ASHI members are required to be background checked. South Carolina and other associations don’t require background checks. ASHI members must be background-checked to remain in good standing.
  3. ASHI inspectors have to actually be inspectors. Sounds kind of strange right? Well, other associations will grant their members “Master Inspector” status without ever having performed an actual inspection. You heard that right. ASHI Inspectors MUST have performed at least 50 paid inspections and Certified Inspectors 250 paid inspections.
  4. ASHI Certified Inspectors MUST pass the NHIE… this is a national test that many states require. South Carolina does not.
  5. ASHI Inspectors belonging to the South Carolina chapter meets quarterly to learn from industry experts and to be updated on code. Other associations and inspectors don’t do this.
  6. ASHI wrote the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics for South Carolina. Many inspectors are using the WRONG Standards of Practice and adhere to the NO code of ethics. They hold contests for referrals, in essence, PAYING or providing kickbacks for referrals from Real Estate agents. This is against the ASHI code of ethics because we believe this does not, at heart, have the client’s best interest in mind.
  7. ASHI actively advocates for more stringent regulations and qualifications in regard to home inspectors. ASHI believes that clients deserve to be protected when making the largest purchase of their lives, and home inspectors should be held to a higher standard than they currently are.
  8. ASHI membership has so many requirements that the majority of inspectors in this area prefer not to join or join less demanding associations. Only 4 inspectors in the Horry/Georgetown County areas are ASHI Inspectors… Morris Home Inspections has 2 of them. Not only are we members, but we are also the State Chapter President and Technical Advisor. In addition, ASHI provides a huge network of extremely experienced inspectors and professionals for members to rely on for guidance, training, and support.

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